This Christian's Opinion….

On The Corona Virus Opportunity

Yes, you read right, I think there is an opportunity here, especially for Christians. Let me tell you why and you will understand better what that opportunity is.

I had a phone call today from a Christian friend who had just got home from church and they were the midst of a righteous anger over what they had just experienced. I’ve been going over this conversation all day and felt the need to share my thoughts and to share my opinion.

The preacher had talked about not imitating the “world” during this virus crisis that we are all going through. While also telling everyone to keep safe by keeping the “social distance” that we are told to do. They even stressed that there would be no laying on of hands during prayers! Everyone was keeping their distance and the overall feeling was not one of love but of fear!

Now I understand that there is a responsibility that has to be shown during this crisis by leaders, but, is that what we Christians should be doing? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating that we should ignore the recommendations that doctors and the government is giving out. But… is that what Jesus did?

At a time in history when the most contagious and dangerous disease was leprosy, Jesus went about touching these people (the lepers) and healing them. With no thought about His own safety. Yes, He was Jesus and we are not but we do have the power of the Spirit and a mission to show love to a fallen world. Looking around today, all I see is a fallen world and it appears to be falling even more everyday!

All I hear about is places closing, rules about cleaning, people not being allowed to travel or purchasing restrictions because items are limited in stock. It sounds to me like the world is going crazy, like the world is falling into chaos and people are panicking in fear of what tomorrow is going to bring. Honestly, it sounds like there are a lot of paranoid people out there. And of course they are, they don’t know Jesus! But all those “Christians” who are also panicking, I don’t think they know Jesus either! At least not like I do.

The Jesus I know, He wouldn’t be hiding. He’d be living His life like He always did. What did Jesus do best during His time on this Earth? He showed love to all people! He didn’t pick the wealthy, the white, the healthy, the politicians, the leaders to only spend time with. He met with everyone and spent time with the fishermen, the tax collectors, the prostitutes, the down trodden, and yes, the sick.

There used to be a popular saying in Christian circles, it goes like this, “What would Jesus do?” I still think it from time to time and I think it is appropriate to remember it now. The one thing that I know that Jesus would be doing is showing love to those that need it. To me, that is especially the thing about fellowship at church. It’s about love, sharing that love and letting those that are there know that they are loved.

The Bible tells us to greet each other with a brotherly kiss. Now society has taken that and turned it into a handshake, a peck on the cheek or a quick hug and I don’t see that as a problem. If we are all using common sense and washing our hands, then a handshake or a kiss on the cheek isn’t going to spread anything contagious. Is this disease more contagious than any other flu bug? From my understanding, it is not. If you, or the other person, have a running nose, a cough, etc, then don’t do it! It’s common sense!

With that in mind, the laying on of hands for prayer support should be no different. But prayer doesn’t need hands to be laid on to work either so I can understand not doing it. But if the person shows no signs of a virus then there should be no fear of doing it either!

My friend is certain that the devil is using this to help further his cause. Fear and uncertainty is being spread more than love and that sounds like a win for the devil to me.

So right there is our opportunity. After decades of religious persecution, certain members of Christian leadership being accused of terrible things (and rightly so if they did what they’re accused of) which ends up driving people away from our doors. We now have an opportunity to turn that around. Let’s show the world love, let’s not be afraid and become paranoid like the world. Let’s stand up and show the world that we are not afraid but instead show it love! I think it really needs it right now.

It’s all about faith. If you have faith that the Lord takes care of you and will keep you near during times of trouble then you should have no fear! Remember Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things¬†through¬†Christ who strengthens me. And in Matthew Jesus says with faith we can move mountains (17:20 paraphrased) and with God all things are possible (19:26 paraphrased). That includes keeping you safe or saving you from diseases, and I know a little something about that personally.

Anyway, that is this one Christian’s opinion.