The Blog about my other Blogs

So I’ve been trying to work out what to do with this blog site now that I have transferred everything from here to the God’s Warriors official site. What I’ve finally decided on is a central blog to point to my other blogs. Like a hub, where you can find the link to everything that I write/post on the internet. I will advise on when I post to the other sites here and occasionally post something that doesn’t fit anywhere else to here. I have given it a face lift to show that it is a separate site now and not a mirror of the God’s Warriors one. What are the other sites?

God’s Warriors

Most of you know that I have a blog based on my book series, God’s Warriors, and I post blogs about my Christiangods_warriors title 2 perspective on things there too. That used to happen here but now it is at My posts there, automatically get spread to other social media accounts that I have – the God’s Warriors Facebook page, my Twitter account, my Google+, my LinkedIn and a God’s Warriors Tumbler account. Most recent post was yesterday.

My Favourite Video Games

I also do a video games reviews site at which is about the games that I play and upcoming games that I’m interested That also automatically spreads to social media accounts too – my Facebook page, Twitter, Google+ and a My Favourite Video Games Tumbler account. The most recent post was yesterday.

Other Social Media

I also have Instagram, Pinterest and Plurk accounts. I’m still working out how to use these so have a look and join/friend request/follow me. As yet I haven’t managed to link these to the posting process of the other sites and I haven’t actually worked out what Plurk does.

The Future

At this stage, I have two more blog sites planned but they aren’t up and running as yet. I will post here about them when I get them up. cloths-1118179_640One will be about making money online and the other will be about my pop culture interests (movies, tv shows, comics, books, toys etc). Stay tuned!

What do you think?

The key to all this is feedback. On every one of these sites, if you read something you like, tell me about it. Or if you don’t like it or agree… tell me about it. Leave me a comment or a like. You can even choose to subscribe to get the posts emailed to you!


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